My name is Adam Marshall, and I would describe myself as a creative person. My skills fall into many different categories, such as graphic design, photography, video production, and creative art direction. I also shoot time-lapses and cinemagraphs around the U.K. I have extensive experience producing creative content in the games publishing industry.

Throughout my life, I have realised my strengths lie in holding a strong understanding across a variety of roles and areas of the creative industry. From the well refined printed still image to the complex and and visually intricate world of moving picture, I challenged and developed my skills not only as a producer of content, but as a person who can understand and work well with others to direct and manage across these different platforms. After graduating with a Media and Internet Technology BSc in 2013 and working full time in media production, I understand the need to further my skills in multiple aspects of media production and creative design. I have several years of experience in editing, producing and developing digital video while working alone to fill out many roles or as part of a team, collecting our assets to create the best work possible. A lot of my work has been focused on the production of digital assets, from 4k resolution digital graphics to thumbnail sized gifs. There's so much to learn, and my approach to my work is to always strive to put one step higher than the last, while helping others do the same.

As an artist with developed skills and a proven interest in multiple styles of shooting and creating, I love to constantly push my craft and knowledge into as many areas as possible. In a constantly changing industry with new consumer platforms being continually developed, I do believe it is integral to be versatile and understanding of new technology and the production of content to suit it. What I hope you find from me is someone who’s always willing to work with people and share ideas in order to make something great together.


Andrew Bennison, Prospect Games - For Unbox: Newbie's Adventure

"Creative, responsive and adaptive is how I'd describe Adam's work ethic. We collaborated with Adam to produce a launch trailer for "Unbox: Newbie's Adventure" and it's easily the best piece of advertising for the game to date. Rather than just ask for footage from us to throw into a template, Adam extensively played our title to get an understanding of it's core gameplay and best features. From there he generated a script and storyboard which we proceeded to adapt as the trailer took form. With regular updates, experimentation and conversations, Adam completed our trailer on schedule and to a level of quality that will drive UNA forwards.

In games, marketing is 50% of the battle. As a developer you can try pull it off yourself, or you can let Adam do the job right."


If you think we'd work well together on your next project I'd love to hear from you! Whether you're wanting an awesome video for your latest indie game, or you'd like to commission a new piece for your artist album, the best thing we can do is discuss ideas and see what would work out, and what sort of things I can do for you. If you're after collaborations or even just some information on what other kind of work I do and how I like to create, then feel free to send me an email any time. Regarding prints and order information, please email me with the pictures you're interested in and what size print you're after.

I wrote an article on how much an indie game trailer costs. If you have some time, feel free to read it and send me an email about the sort of trailer you are after.



At Learn Squared I took Ash Thorp's Main Title Design course on Learn Squared and found his knowledge to be invaluable. The course was a catalyst which started my adventure into Cinema 4D and to putting thought behind my images and how to convey a more meaningful work of art.

The Collective Podcast with Ash Thorp is a gold mind of knowledge, ideas and industry expertise from designers, art directors and generally awesome creative people who all come on and share their thoughts.

Art Cafe is a livestream on YouTube where Maciej Kuciej Kuciara shares knowledge and expertise with guests. It mostly focuses on concept art, but there's a lot to learn about profesionalism and workflow and it's one of my favourites to listen to while I work.

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