Learning Cinema 4D Every Day (July 2016) A few of my favourite Everydays from the month of July 2016

I've always wanted to learn Cinema 4D, so on April 12th I decided i would, at the end of every single day, before bedtime, spend a few hours exploring the program and trying to come up with something new and creative. April was the first month that i had ever touched Cinema 4D. This month, i decided to explore making animated gifs using the timeline on Cinema 4D and bringing it into Adobe After Effects. The idea of this project was not to create exceptionally good art, it was simply a method of forcing myself to spend at least an hour every day working on learning an ew feature of Cinema 4D. After completing 100 days, i decided to take a break from the project. I will be coming back soon i think, and with a different ideal, maybe to create something significant each week so there was more focus on creating something good rather than creating something new. I always like to look for ways to improve my work and spend my time most efficiently tackling specific problems. Maybe now that i have over a few hundred hours using Cinema 4D i can start to learn some of the more advanced features and techniques to create something amazing!

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