One Small Step style frame, a creative practice for a theoretical documentary on the Apollo missions for Ash Thorp's Main Title Design course at Learn Squared.

One Small Step Title Design practice for Ash Thorp's Main Title Design class at Learn Squared

As a part of week 3's homework for Ash Thorp's Main Title Design class at Learn Squared, we were asked to create some simple style frames for a title sequence concept, which documented the Apollo missions. Ash provided his class with a limited selection of images and cast details and asked us to create 6 style frames from the documentary. The idea was a controlled experiment, to see how we worked under restricted resources and follow a similar path in regards to workflow and understanding the basics of title sequence design.

I've always been a huge fan of space so getting to design something with that in mind allowed me to explore something i actually enjoyed doing. It was a lot more fun that i thought, given my restrictions and limited resources. This was week 3 in the course, and it was amazing to see my progression throughout the course.

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