Sikanda Kickstarter Indie Game Trailer

Spring 2018

Video Editing

A kickstarter trailer to show the early stages of the game and an interview to answer some questions about the project.

Behind The Scenes

Creating a kickstarter trailer for a game that is early in its development is not an easy task. We were limited on resources, and pulling the development time to work on the trailer was something we wanted to minimise. At the early development stages of a game, many of the assets and general tools you can use to help make a trailer are not available. We used simple camera work and straight forward gameplay clips that we could edit against titles which would help shape the game into the light that the developers had in mind.

We had some bespoke assets generated for the Kickstarter project, such as the soundtrack by the games compser Robin Wade. The goal was to be upfront and honest about the intentions of the development process, and to help shed some light on what the Kickstarter project was all about.


You can find the website for Sikanda if you want to keep up to date with the game's community and progress.

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