Splitgate Arena Warfare 2019 End Of Year Trailer

Winter 2019

Video Editing

A trailer to celebrate the updates that the year of 2019 saw for Splitgate Arena Warfare

Behind The Scenes

The 2019 End Of Year trailer for Splitgate Arena Warfare helped the developers celebrate and share some of the fun facts and data collected from the community over the year from the game. There was a lot to talk about, and we whittled down the stats to keep them simple, engaging and fun for people to read as a whole! The points also had some potential for community discussion, which is a great way to help the developers engage with the core users about the games main features.

The game is a new IP, and building the unique voice they want to have with the game is part of the goal when we make these trailers. A little tongue and cheek mixed with some sick frags and general game hype helped us keep the trailer fun, simple and relevant for the audience.


There was nothing new to sell here with the trailer, but keeping marketing content hot over the new year and building the voice of the brand and game is a simple but effective way to keep the community interested in your project while new content and development takes place.


You can find the website for Splitgate Arena Warfare, and visit their Discord if you want to keep up to date with the game's development. You can also see my other trailers live on their channel and join in on the discussion!

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