Who am I?

I'm Adam Marshall, a freelance Multidisciplinary Artist, Designer and Editor based in Glasgow, UK. I have a focus on creating digital multimedia, art, motion, and design for the music and games industry with clients around the world. 

I founded Adam Marshall Creative to work as part of a team or as a solo contractor for other studios, brands, labels, publishers, and development teams. 

At a fundamental level, I believe in messaging and problem-solving through imagery and expression. 

What do I do?

My projects take me from conception to the release and post-production, with a portfolio covering Music Videos, Album Artwork, Tour Visuals, Game Trailers, Adverts, and other bespoke cutting-edge interactive media, such as AR Filters.

I've had my work displayed live in front of millions of people at Times Square through digital billboards or on web platforms such as Sony's Playstation Store, the Nintendo eShop, or Microsoft's Xbox Store. My videos are played as a backdrop to a very intimate and expressive moment for a small group experiencing an album listening party for the first time for Dolby Atmos. My work has also been in the hands of an individual receiving vinyl or creating their own stories through AR filters. 

Everything I do is inspired by nature and the world around me. I believe in constantly learning and exploring to bridge the fundamentals between disciplines. 


If you'd like to discuss an upcoming project, or schedule a booking, please contact [email protected]

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