Anjunabeats x Twitch Livestream Event Visuals

Spring 2018

Motion Graphics
Video Editing

Creating a visual package which includes promotion, on-screen graphics, key visuals and streaming content for the live music event. 

Behind The Scenes

Anjunabeats teamed up with Twitch to livestream music sets from some of the label artists at the Twitch HQ. Alongside the design team at Involved, we developed a full streaming visual graphics package for promotion on screens at the event, online / social media advertising, and livestream lower thirds, stings and screen elements. The style was to use both the Anjunabeats and Twitch branding to create visuals that helped promote both of the brands unique styles, with bpm and beat matching inspired animations mixed with video game graphics and effects.

The blocky Twitch graphics and solid colour fills felt right at home next to the Anjunabeats bright packshot colours and label tab brand. This gave us a very distinct style that referenced both the musical and the gaming world.

There was a lot of assets to work on for the event, so templating a bunch of stacked and flat logos of varying colours and fills, but keeping the overall animation style the same meant we were making sure everything felt like it was from the same world, and keeping the designs fit within the two brands.


Keeping visuals simple while referencing the brands key colours and keeping well within guidelines allowed for a straightforward development process of the visuals. The flexibility of the visuals also allowed us lots of room to make anything bespoke for the event, and make sure that the livestream went smoothly with enough information to allow the stream to go unhindered as well as make sure fans get a good idea of how the two worlds were meeting through the music.


Find Anjunabeats x Twitch's approved livestream friendly playlist on Spotify, and follow Anjunabeats' Twitch. You can also follow Anjunabeats for more info on their other events.

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