ilan Bluestone - Impulse Album Visuals


Motion Graphics
Video Editing

Artworking and visualiser production with the team at Involved for ilan Bluestone's Impulse album on Anjunabeats.

Behind The Scenes

Working closely with Ben Chadwick from the design team at Involved Publishing to create the artworking and motion elements to be later animated. 

We opted to use x-particles and Octane to power the project, using trails and sweeps to paint looping particle lines, almost like connections in a brain or shooting stars in a nebula. Mixing themes of digital and human elements through symbolism as the key focal point. The models were sliced along one axis and converted to paths, which gave us this hologram look, and these paths later displaced and used as an emission point for the connected lines for x-particles. 

Ben took the exported visual and composted them in photoshop, and later I took the photoshop layers into After Effects to help in compositing the final motion loops as animated visual packshots. We didn't end up doing every single in this style.

Vinyl Sleeve Closeups


Using Cinema 4D and x-particles to shoot and trail particles from the sliced models

Early artworking effects, using x-particles follow paths and particle to particle connection algorithms to figure out a style


Follow ilan Bluestone and Anjunabeats on Twitter. You can also find out more about Involved Publishing on their Instagram. Art Direction and Design by Ben Chadwick.

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