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A mobile game trailer for the puzzle game Lumen by Lykke Studios released on Apple Arcade.

Behind The Scenes

The Lykke Studios team approached me looking for a more bespoke style of trailer for their new game releasing on Apple Arcade. The trailer had to fill the viewer with the idea that they were uncovering this secret box in the attic, and that they were opening it for the first time. We wanted to take this story arc and use it as a way to showcase the unique gameplay elements and gameplay loops that the player might explore, while keeping the trailer very narrative and aesthetically focused.

Lykke Studio's art team did a fantastic offering in-engine renders of the game which we could use to help showcase how the game was played as well as the beautiful art style that the game would be using to give the players this sense of wonder. Finding a balance between a traditional gameplay trailer and a art / story focused video was tricky considering this was a mobile game, however, we made sure all renders were in-engine, minimal post effects were used and we kept the narrative in the voice of the character in-game, as well as making the animations simply there to pull the audience into the world and share more about how the game is played.

I always ask myself these questions whenever I add something that's not core gameplay.

1. What purpose does this footage serve?
2. Can I use gameplay to show this instead?
3. Is this misrepresenting the game in any way?

In the case of Lumen, I think we walked this line, without being too narrative focused and potentially risking a scroll past on a very rapid mobile game market, as well as making sure we're engaging with our core audience, and giving them the sense that this game is a little bit different without over producing the trailer and misrepresenting the gameplay in any way.


Recording and animation by Lykke Studios. Visit the Lumen page on Apple Arcade and follow Lykke Studios on Twitter.
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