Splitgate - Season 0 - Launch Trailer

Summer - 2021

Video Editing

A game trailer for launching Splitgate Season 0 on Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 and PC with 1047 Games

Behind The Scenes

One of the key decisions I made with the Splitgate team, was to try to keep trailer feeling as true to gameplay experience as possible. We wanted people who play the game to see the trailer and think - this is exactly what the game is, and this is exactly how it played out in my games! For a newer audience, the sick clips and fast editing, as well as the portal mechanic being a fantastic hook was more than enough to generate the initial interest.

To do this, we gave the trailer a 'frag movie' style edit and vibe - a throwback to the videos you'd make back in the days to show off your skills in-game, as well as to capture that 'clip it!' moment you might get playing the game and captruing the moment you felt was really cool and worth sharing!


You can find the website for Splitgate, and visit their Discord if you want to keep up to date with the game's development. You can also see my other trailers live on their channel and join in on the discussion!

Sound by Hexany Audio
Music Licensed via. Artlist.

Big thank you to the Splitgate QA team for their performance during recording sessions!

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