Visualising thoughts, bubbles fill a circle - Adam Marshall

As someone who works mostly in video, motion and visual art, finding ways to say visualise a thought or communicate an idea without much text is part of the job. The magic of the moving form is turning a paragraph (or more) into a a basic visual that would explain the same idea. Sometimes even a static has to take what would essentially be a video length piece of content and boil it down into 1920 x 1080 pixels in the form of a thumbnail.

We find so many ways these days to contextualise ideas and themes into categories, formats, expressions, and even experiences (see VR and AR); and yet still, writing proves to be a very beautiful and elegant way to communicate. It is a long form way of expressing an idea or a thought, or an exchange of information and communication. Even yet, we look for ways to distil information in written form, because time is precious and we don't like to be distracted.

Some thoughts that exist at the back of your mind are often yelled over from a new thought that you latch onto. With so many shiny ideas circulating the mind, writing can be a very good way to make them concrete and tangible in a very reliable and honest way. I struggle a lot with routine and figuring out what thoughts are worth pursuing and which ones are invasive. The relationships between acting on something that comes up short term over staying the course of a thought which has been brewing for some time is something I want to better understand. Both could be argued to be equally as beneficial in the right situation. Where one might be very loud for a very short time; explosive and demanding, but easy, the other glows dim for for a long time, a very consistent thought that means something for longer, this could be very reliable and useful too, but difficult to see every day.

I do not think any one thought or idea is better than the other, but to better understand what ones serve you and which ones are fleeting is a great practice to master your own mind, and writing can be great vessel to figure this out.

You can share a thought through writing, and you can track it and understand it better. Maybe it resonates with someone in a way that you can help them to better understand their own path. You can share ideas and even realise where you went wrong, with time.

To turn ideas into a written form of communication that may give more meaning or understanding to these fleeting thoughts is a great purpose for a blog. An open dialogue to better understand long-term effects that these fleeting thoughts might have. I'd hope to see some thoughts returning week after week; helping me see where my path lies.